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  • Heart of Love-Photo by Ms. Cai Luoluo
  • Hakka Cultural Park-Courtesy of Ms. Cai Luoluo
  • Zhongdu Vision Bridge-courtesy of Ms. Cai Luoluo
  • Zhongdu Wetland-Kaohsiung City Government Research Conference
  • Kaohsiung Railway Station Vision Map-Courtesy of Kaohsiung City Government Examination Conference

Bilingual Glossary

Bilingual Glossary
中文 English
土地登記 Land registration
土地測量 Land survey
土地登記簿 Land register
地籍 Land rights
地籍測量 Cadastral map
公有土地 Public land
地籍總歸戶冊(卡) General registers of landowners
收件簿 Records of applications received
登記申請書 Application forms
登記清冊 Registration lists
補正 Supplement
駁回 Dismiss
土地所有權人 The landowners
申請人 Applicant
承租人 Lessee
權利人 Obligee
義務人 Obligor
權利價值 The value of right of land for compensation
中央地政機關 The Central Land Administration
地政機關 Land office
地段圖 Pracellary plan
重劃 Readjustment
土地重劃 Land readjustment
農地重劃 Farmland readjustment
土地徵收 Land expropriation
區段徵收 Zone expropriation
一併徵收 Joint expropriation
撤銷徵收 Cancellation of expropriation
所有權 Ownership
永佃權 Permanent lease
地上權 Superficies
地役權 Easement
承租權 Leasehold
耕作權 Cultivation
抵押權 Mortgage
優先購買權 Preferential right
契約書 Written contracts
登記規費 Registration tariffs
登記費 Registration fees
工本費 Expenses fees
書狀費 Certificates fees
閱覽費 Viewing fees
罰鍰 Fines
地政士 Land administration agents
地政士證書 Certificates of Land Administration Agents
不動產 Real estate
不動產估價師 Real estate appraiser
不動產經紀業 Real estate broking
土地所有權狀 Land ownership certificate
他項權利證明書 Other rights certificate
主登記 Principal registration
附記登記 Accessory registration
囑託登記 Registration of request
土地總登記 General registration of land
他項權利登記 Registration of other rights
土地權利信託登記 Registration of the trust of land right
土地權利變更登記 Registration of changes in land rights
住址變更登記 Registration of change in domicile
更正登記 Registration of rectification
更名登記 Registration of change in name
所有權變更登記 Registration of change of ownership
法定地上權登記 Registration of statutory superficies
建物所有權第一次登記 Initial registration of
constructional improvements ownership
限制登記 Registration of restriction
書狀換給或補給登記 Registration of the exchange and re-issue of the
逕為登記 Registration of direct
消滅登記 Registration of deletion
法院判決 Judicial decision
預告登記 Registration of caution
管理者變更登記 Registration of change of administrator
標示變更登記 Registration of change of descriptions
繼承登記 Registration of inheritance
抵價地 Land for compensation
空地 Vacant land
建築用地 Land used for construction
建築改良物 Constructional improvements
公告土地現值 Current land value
重新規定地價 Reassessment of land value
規定地價 Assessment of land value
申報地價 Declared land value
差額地價 The difference of land value
地價稅 Land value tax
土地增值稅 Land value increment tax
地價評議委員會 Land evaluation committee
田賦 Agricultural land tax
平均地權 The equalization of land rights
外國人取得土地權利 Foreigners to acquire land rights
全球定位系統 Global Positioning System,簡稱 GPS
都市計畫 Urban planning
都市計畫法 The Urban Planning Act
小段 Subsection
三民區 Sanmin District
三狀 San–jhuang
三建 San – jian
中華段一小段 Jhonghua section,subsection 1
中華段二小段 Jhonghua section,subsection 2
中都段一小段 Jhongdou section,subsection 1
中都段二小段 Jhongdou section,subsection 2
中都段三小段 Jhongdou section,subsection 3
中都段四小段 Jhongdou section,subsection 4
陽明段一小段 Yangming section,subsection 1
陽明段二小段 Yangming section,subsection 2
陽明段三小段 Yangming section,subsection 3
澄清段一小段 Chengcing section,subsection 1
大豐段一小段 Dafong section,subsection 1
大豐段二小段 Dafong section,subsection 2
大裕段一小段 Dayu section,subsection 1
大裕段二小段 Dayu section,subsection 2
河濱段 Hebin section
陽明段四小段 Yangming section,subsection 4
澄清段二小段 Chengcing section,subsection 2
大豐段三小段 Dafong section,subsection 3
建昌段 Jianchang section
建工段 Jiangong section
建豐段 Jianfong section
建興段 Jiansing section
建德段 Jiande section
建安段 Jianan section
建民段 Jianmin section
建生段 Jiansheng section
澄義段 Chengyi section
水源段 Shueiyuan section
義民段 Yimin section
有光段 Youguang section
大順段 Dashun section
凱歌段 Kaige section
長明段 Jhangming section
鼎金段 Dingjin section
鼎泰段 Dingtai section
鼎盛段 Dinsheng section
鼎中段 Dinjhong section
鼎新段 Dinsin section
鼎山段 Dinshan section
灣愛段 Wanai section
灣內段 Waneni section
灣成段 Wancheng section
灣昌段 Wanchang section
灣志段 Wanjhih section
灣立段 Wanli section
灣勝段 Wansheng section
灣華段 Wanhua section
灣中段 Wanjhong section
灣復段 Wanfu section
灣興段 Wansing section
寶國段 Baoguo section
義華段 Yihua section
三塊厝段 Sankuaicuo section
大港段 Dagang section
灣子內段灣子內小段 Wanzihnei section Wanzihnei subsection
灣子內段寶珠溝小段 Wanzihnei section Baojhugou subsection
覆鼎金段覆鼎金小段 Fudingjin section Fudingjin subsection
本館段 Benguan section
頭段 Shihtou section
金獅段 Jinshih section
灣和段 Wanhe section
鼎祥段 Dingsiang section
鼎泰段一小段 Dingtai section,subsection 1
獅頭段一小段 Shihtou section,subsection 1
獅頭段二小段 Shihtou section,subsection 2
三塊厝段一小段 Sankuaicu section,subsection 1
三塊厝段二小段 Sankuaicu section,subsection 2
三塊厝段三小段 Sankuaicu section,subsection 3
三塊厝段四小段 Sankuaicu section,subsection 4
三塊厝段五小段 Sankuaicu section,subsection 5
覆鼎金段覆鼎金一小段 Fudingjin section Fudingjin1 subsection
大港段一小段 Dagang section,subsection 1
大港段二小段 Dagang section,subsection 2
大港段三小段 Dagang section,subsection 3
大港段四小段 Dagang section,subsection 4
大港段五小段 Dagang section,subsection 5
大港段六小段 Dagang section,subsection 6
大港段七小段 Dagang section,subsection 7
鳳北段 Fongbei section
鼎儀段 Dingyi section
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