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About us

Farmer bronze statueSanmin District was originally named “San Kwei Tzu”. In the Ming Dynasty, there were faithful people whose names were Wang, Cheng, Tsai came to here with army, and their descendants settled themselves here and formed the “San Kwei Tzu”. After Taiwan restorced, “San Kwei Tzu” adopted the meaning of “Three Principles of the People” and changed its name to “Sanmin District”.

Sanmin District is the most important area in the Kaohsiung City, the train station, Taiwan motor transport company, and the Kaohsiung City Bus are all settled here. In accordance to resident need, Sanmin land office was separated from Hsinhsing land office and established on February 10th , 1989.

Now Sanmin land office is in charge of 82,000 lands, 138,000 buildings, and total area is 1695 hectare. It is the only land office that is in charge of one district in Kaohsiung City .
*District Area
Sanmin District
*Organization Structure
*Land Registration Section:
In charge of the registration of land and building, documents issuance, registers keeping
*Land Survey Section:
In charge of evaluation of land and building improvement, land resurveying, cadastral maps keeping.
*Land Valuation Section :
In charge of the appraisal of the land value, making land value table, research and development, document and archives management, collecting fee, administrative affairs and customer service.
*Accounting Officer:
In charge of annual accounting, accounting, and statistics affairs.
*Personnel Officer:
In charge of personnel management.
*Office Hour:
Monday - Friday 8:00-12:00   13:30-17:30 
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays Days off
*Office Address:
2-3F., No.215, Ha'erbin St., Sanmin Dist, Kaohsiung City 80742, Taiwan(R.O.C)
*Telephone Number:
+886-7-3226482(Service Desk)
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