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  • Heart of Love-Photo by Ms. Cai Luoluo
  • Hakka Cultural Park-Courtesy of Ms. Cai Luoluo
  • Zhongdu Vision Bridge-courtesy of Ms. Cai Luoluo
  • Zhongdu Wetland-Kaohsiung City Government Research Conference
  • Kaohsiung Railway Station Vision Map-Courtesy of Kaohsiung City Government Examination Conference

About us

Farmer Bronze Statue The original name of sanmin district is "Three Gui". In the Ming Dynasty, there were some loyal people, whose names were Wang, Cheng, and Cai, who came here with the army, and whose descendants settled here and formed the "Three Guizi". After Taiwan's restoration, "Three Gui" adopted the meaning of "the three principles of the people" and changed its name to "three people's zones".

Sanmin District is the most important area of Kaohsiung City, where the railway station, Taiwan Automobile Transport Company and Kaohsiung City Bus are settled. In accordance with the needs of the local population, the Sanmin Land Office was separated from the Xinxing Land Office and was established on 10 February 1989.

The Sanmin Land Bureau is now responsible for the management of 82,000 plots of land and 138,000 buildings with a total area of 1695 hectares. It is the only land office in Kaohsiung that is responsible for one area.
Sanmin District
Organizational structure
Land Registration Section:
Responsible for the registration of land and buildings, the issuance of documents, the preservation of the register
Land Survey Section:
Responsible for land assessment and building improvement, land survey, cadastral map preservation.
Land Valuation Section:
Responsible for land value assessment, land value sheet production, research and development, document and file management, fees, administrative affairs and customer service.
Accounting Director:
Responsible for annual accounting, accounting and statistical affairs.
Human Resources Secretary:
Responsible management.
Office hours:
Monday - Friday8:00-12:00 13:30-17:30
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Office Adress:
807346 2F, No215, Ha'erbin St., Sanmin District, Kaohsiung
+ 886-7-3226482
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